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I Am Not A Ninja

A blog about being an Asian-American actor.

Photo by Human Being Productions.

Cori dioquino: Actor, educator... blogger

Thank you so much for visiting my website!  For several months, I have been working on creating my own content and writing material that reflects my experiences as an Asian-American actor in the film, television and theater industries.  The very first thing I have prepared to share with all of you is my new blog entitled I Am Not A Ninja.  

This new site aims to be an online publication in which myself and other Asian and Asian-American actors, writers, directors and industry professionals of all types can openly talk about their experiences and struggles working in a creative field that is still centered on stereotypes.  Outside of addressing the complexities of Asian and Asian-American identities, I also talk candidly about being Filipino-American and the need for better representation.  We hope that, through this blog, we can challenge some of the biased perspectives that exist in popular culture.

So please visit the page, read our material and feel free to share with others what we share with you.  

Thank you again - I am forever grateful for your support!